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ARies vs saio

  • ARIES has a 24M-24A version with a total of 24 samples of serums (3 stripes with 8 samples).                    
     SAIO comes to you with total automation of the fluidic control of the tubs internal and external tanks with sensors
  • Double PotentialityARIES allows the doubling of potentiality: from 24 samples to 48 samples of serums.
    SAIO can utilize in both versions, a strip of 4 samples or a strip 8 samples up to a maximum of 16 tests.
  • choice of the strip (foto)ARIES performs electrophoretic tests in total automation, usign with ecological reagents both Cellogel humid films and Mylar-supported dry films.
    SAIO uses strips of cellulose acetate, dried on Mylar supported by 4 or 8 tests each test
  • Best Fluidic (foto)The peristaltic pumps set on the machine were realized with a particular elastic system in order not to damage the tubes and to have a longer duration.The absence of electrovalves is an important feature , that excludes the possible failures . All liquids are filtered both during the filling and the recovery phase of the inner chambers.
  • Precision Mechanics (foto)ARIES interior side shows a reliable mechanics and electronics, both already tested and used on other machine produced by ps elettronica.
  • Applicator of sample (foto)Sample order consists in a metallic supplier on wich are placed 8 or 16 indipendent theet. In case of tooth breaking, it can be replced with another in a simple affordable operation.
  • Object Control (foto)Before starting the electrophoretic process, the machine always assures the correct positioning of all components, that afterwards will move automatically. This process is for all versions.
  • Automatic or Manual Fluidic (foto) It is possible to change manually extractable tanks with others supplied by a total automation. This automation allows the filling, the emptying and the washing of the tanks thanks to level sensors that control liquids, and thanks to time monitoring of activation pumps. Also the reagents levels in the external tanks are held in check.
  • Intuitive SoftwareThe installed software will guide you every step of the process. Allows you to perform all data entry, quality control management, viewing, editing, archiving and printing of reports.
  • Reading For control and / or changes in the readings, are available all the functions needed before printing..
  • An accurate graphicPossibility to zoom to full screen graphics for any manual changes. The graphic area maybe transparent or of any color.
  • Report The report is fully customizable, complete with all the data and with the histogram of the real image of the electrophoretic migration.

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